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Yamaha Arius Pianos

The Arius is a high end set of Digital Pianos which provides the finest Yamaha engineering in a series of electronic pianos. Each of the pianos in the series, beginning with the entry level YDP 140 features graded hammer keys, matte finish, realistic keys and impressive digital acoustics.

What truly separates the Arius series from other models is the quality of the sound they produce – this is the result of Yamaha’s patented advanced wave memory dynamic stereo sound. The result is that you can hear finer gradients of tone and sound across the keys – duplicating the true feel of a traditional, tuned piano. With impressive graded hammer keys, the feedback mechanism is true to form. As a result, you’ll get sound and feedback quality that is close to that of an actual grand piano, complete with detailed effects and sampling details that will help you play pieces true to form.

Additionally, the pianos feature integrated recording, metronomes and samples, so you can get a lot more out of your digital piano. While the Yamaha models are not the least expensive on the market, they are among the highest rated. Additionally, they feature a year-long warranty, which is backed by guaranteed craftsmanship from Yamaha. Whether you select a YDP-140 or upgraded YDP-160 model, most of the pianos include a padded bench and a selection of sheet music – providing you everything you need to get started. The design and style of the pianos is top notch, and the classical styling makes a fine addition to anyone’s home.

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