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Features on Digital Pianos

Modern electric pianos have advanced to offer a full spectrum of features in an affordable, reliable package when compared to more expensive acoustic pianos. Modern electric pianos are automatically tuned and their quality output has improved to mirror that of well-tuned acoustic pianos. Additionally, integrated features, such as metronomes and internal recording, allow for feedback and practice features that allow you to get more out of your compositions.

Digital pianos have advanced to feature impressive digital sound replications, which are now as advanced as digital pianos for top models. Additionally, many electric pianos feature effects such as synthesizers, sound sampling and other effects that go beyond what a traditional acoustic piano can offer. Top electric pianos feature complete 88-key scale keyboards, as well as functioning pedals that allow for complete feedback.

The major features of electric pianos result from their ability to play back and record MIDI inputs – as a result, you can integrate samples from instruments such as strings, guitars and vocals in the same key as the traditional piano scale. Many pianos feature impressive synthesizers which allow for advanced feedback from a variety of music samples. Depending on the particular make and model that you select, it’s possible to realize a variety of potential benefits from your digital piano, including the ability to review your performances in real-time and modify them using integrated digital music creation software.

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