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Famous Songs with Electric Scores

A variety of modern leading tracks have their roots in digital piano compositions. Utilizing Wurlitzer electric pianos, these compositions form a core collection of electronic music. The editors of Electric Pianos review some of our favorite tracks with electric scores:

Daft Punk, the French music duo featured the track “Digital Love” as a single on their 2001 album Discovery. The song is based upon an electronic sample by BJ Sneak, which is overlaid by vocals by the Daft Punk duo, along with various electronic samples. Produced using synthesized samples from electric pianos in the studio, the track gained world wide acclaim.

A popular track on Pink Floyd’s well received Dark Side of the Moon, Money is composed by Roger Waters with the assistance of a variety of electronic effects. The song gained widespread acclaim for its unique 7/4 time signature as well as its electronic effects and chord progressions.

Another classic track “You Don’t Know How it Feels” from Pink Floyd, was the top single from the band’s 1994 album Wildflowers. Featuring a variety of electronic effects, the album explores the downsides of the drug scene.

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