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Digital Music Creation

Today, musical compositions of all types are much easier to create, thanks to advanced digital music notation software. Taking a composition from idea to reality is easier than ever, including raw composition, arrangement, notation and production. The editors of ElectricPianos.com review some of our favorite Digital Music software packages:

Finale Music software is an advanced package that provides support for note entry in a variety of styles, giving a greater sense of flexibility to the process. Major musicians such as Wynton Marsalis, a Grammy winning composer, utilize Finale to help arrange new music. With a variety of options for arrangement, Finale is a flexible solution for nearly any type of music.

A top quality software that is designed for music creation, Sibelius specializes in electronic music creation, while also supporting classical and pop methods. A number of leading composers, including Esa Salonen, director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic rely upon Sibelius to craft and arrange new scores. With the ability to easily add new instrumentation, Sibelius offers a complete set of features from creating to selling musical scores.

Cakewalk’s Sonar 8 is a leading digital music studio package which provides tools to help develop new electronic and studio tracks. With impressive sound capture and audio effects, it’s a solid package for musicians looking to fully create a new album.

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