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Clavinova Instruments

An advanced electric piano series released by Yamaha, Clavinovas are designed to replicated the features of acoustic pianos, while allowing for advanced electronic feedback and sampling. A digital replica of advanced acoustic pianos, clavinovas have impressive digital sampling capabilities, including integrated software packages.

Clavinovas featured advanced hammer grading, which simulates the graded feel of traditional acoustic keyboards. The digital sensors provide a higher level of feedback quality when compared to traditional digital pianos – as a result, Clavinovas are considered more reliable substitutes for acoustic pianos for training and educational purposes. Advanced models such as the 407 include improved keyboard technology, making them true to scale.

With graded keys, musicians can feel the true feedback scales as they ascend and descend the keyboard. Advanced synthesizers result in improved sound quality and feedback, resulting in a true acoustic feel and product. Each model features an impressive acoustic digital technology that can easily replicate sampled effects, as well as a variety of instruments, including pianos, percussions and guitars. As a result, individuals can compose a broader range of pieces than they otherwise could playing solo.

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