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Ben Folds’ Piano Music

A leading songwriter and pianist, Ben Folds has had a productive career as a musician, ranging from his early work with Ben Folds Five, which led to his entrance into the musical mainstream. As both a producer, writer and performer of piano-based tracks, Folds has helped expand the reach and diversity of piano rock music into new directions.

Folds attended Music School at the University of Miami for percussion, although he took increasing interest in focusing upon his piano skills. Upon graduation, Folds started his first band in North Carolina and went on to have critically acclaimed success. Ben Folds Five released several albums, as well as going on a number of well-received tours, which were sold out across the country and also included several international performances.

With his prowess as a pianist, Folds established a solo career which featured an impressive set of live piano recording, as well as creative vocal arrangements. His tracks have been featured in a variety of media, ranging from television shows to major feature production films. Folds has also performed classically, including a featuring performance with the Boston Pops and the Sydney Symphony at the world-class Sydney Opera House. The quality of his instrumental work is marked by respect as a “pure” pianist and musician, allowing him to play in both pop and classical music worlds to rave results.

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